June 2020

We Stage Communication

Text: Benjamin Berggold; Fotos: ABB Turbocharging

Event design and marketing, space design, the dramaturgy of a theatre piece that creates a desired effect with the audience, but also the didactic steering of the audience’s interest towards contents in museums or exhibitions – all that is staged communication. The mechanisms utilized seem to come from different worlds and are yet directly connected.

One discipline learns from the other, synergies emerge and can often no longer be distinguished. We therefore are committed to a holistic approach to leverage staged communication in an optimized way.

Most perceivable impressions can be reduced to a few core statements. The resulting arcs of tension and narration threads can convey targeted messages to individual people. The craft of deduction and dramatization of information done right are therefore instrumental. Staged communication covers every type of human interaction that has a tangible communication goal. The path that leads to this goal is strategically crafted. Especially in uncertain times, successful staged communication requires professional, sensitive and careful planning.

Corona changes

Every crisis brings change – the essential factor is to know how to leverage it. Things that provided the essential basis of human interaction and that we took for granted – enjoying the spatial closeness to others, the direct contact with other people, the intimacy of the proverbial “getting together" – will all change because of the crisis. From now on, physical proximity won’t trigger all positive feelings, but can also become a threat. We all feel these changes strongly in bars as places of socializing, when queuing up for a concert in great anticipation, when rushing to the live performance of popular influencers, or on an overcrowded subway train that we now perceive as an imposition.

Every crisis brings change – the essential factor is to know how to leverage it.

As a result, our social behaviour may change fundamentally, and a new scale of values emerges. We no longer discuss seating distances and aisle widths according to the pattern of convenience but with the pattern of health hazard in mind. We also know for sure that people won’t give up their social interactions. A great many new forms of digital communication are here to stay. The staged, personal and analogue, that is, the emotional level of personal encounters will become all the more valuable.

There are times – like right now – when we feel more strongly than other times that the world changes constantly, though it has always been like this, every moment of our lives. The months and years to come will be dedicated to the re-invention of our social existence. We will embrace this opportunity of change and will help shape this expedition towards new worlds.

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