DI Bojana Milicevic, PMP

Project manager

Core areas: Architecture, events and scenography


+43 664 855 96 10


Holding a degree in architecture from TU Wien, Bojana brings solid expertise in spatial design and staging to büro wien. Equipped with a diploma in project management and years of experience in organising and implementing events, she is equally qualified to design bespoke concept with international clients.

How does your architecture degree and your design expertise benefit your creative processes of event planning and designing spaces?

There is a lot of similarities and overlap in the creative disciplines. It’s about telling a story, and architecture and design set the framework for it. Our work is characterised by creating something temporary.  Some projects have a long planning period, for just a one-day event. Most of our projects focus on the experiences of the people on site—but a repercussion/translation into the digital world becomes increasingly more important. The principle remains, however, the same: The concept has to fit the brand.

How do you structure your projects in order to develop and implement the ideal solution with your clients?

As a rule, every project is a major investment for our clients. It is important to know what you’d like to achieve. When it comes to the structure of the projects, it is important to master three areas: concept, budget and schedule. That’s where my background in project management comes in handy to be able to “handle“ these intertwined aspects. In recent years, I have put together many international projects—where these skills proved to be especially useful, given that the clients, the location and us usually were scattered over three different time zones. The development of the project always takes place in close cooperation with the clients, as a collaborative process.

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