Lore Stangl, MSc

Project manager

Core areas: Architecture, scenography and exhibition design


+43 664 855 96 09


With a degree in architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and a master’s degree in architecture and urban planning from the University of Stuttgart and interdisciplinary experiences that she was able to gather as a student under her belt, Lore adds comprehensive expertise in the areas of architecture, graphic design, design and visualisation to our team.

You’ve been able to gain a lot of hands-on experience in a variety of areas as a part of the METATEKTUR cooperative. How does this know-how inform the creation of concepts in exhibition design?

Within the framework of the cooperative, we have implemented many different projects at the intersection of architecture and art. All our projects–from the idea to the finished result–originated from our own initiative and allowed me to gain experiences in developing, conceiving and implementing projects, competitions, graphic design, theory, exhibitions and events. Since 2014, I’ve also been very much involved in and have contributed to several printed publications (concept, layout, production, etc.).

When I’m working on a project, I can leverage all these skills. This width of experiences and insights make me the perfect fit for a variety of the tasks required for conceiving and implementing an exhibition.

Your skills cover visualisation, architecture, stage design, art in the public space, publications, but also hands-on experience in working with different materials. How is this mix of skills useful for your scenography work?

I’ve always tried to watch out for new experiences. My previous work is above all characterised by interdisciplinary tasks. In the past I’ve worked in offices as well as at universities, where I’ve also taught. My artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts and my technical training at the University of Stuttgart allowed me to acquire many skills that are now useful to me. That is the beauty of studying architecture, you get to try your hand at entirely different areas, gather experiences and develop yourself further.

As an architect, you design and/or stage spaces at different scales, while aiming at creating an image, an atmosphere that can be real, virtual or only in your mind. It’s about conveying a story and the atmosphere that goes with it, that the spectators may immerse themselves into. In order to achieve this, you need a host of skills and comprehensive know-how. The experiences that I’ve collected up to now help me to develop ideas in a team, to create concepts and to carry them out in a solution-driven and outcome-based manner.

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