September 2020

Mock-up iLab

Text: Alexandra Hörtler; Fotos: ARS Electronica Solutions

The Austrian Economic Chamber contracted us to set up a “pixel tower” at the ARS Electronica Festival to promote the Dubai Expo that was postponed to 2021. The tower will be part of the iLab (Innovation Lab) at the Expo Dubai 2020. The 4.5 m tall tower, composed of close to 60 “pixels“ built by the company benewas designed and assembled in cooperation with querkraft architekten, ARS Electronica Solutions and Zeros.

In addition to the planning, we were responsible for the entire content and the selection of the objects. Each face of the tower was dedicated to a different topic. Two integrated screens informed the visitors about the Expo, the Austrian pavilion at the Expo 2020 and about the architecture and design of the project. Individual objects in the “pixels“ as well as an expressive design language using icons and claims were integral features that added to the overall experience. The icons and the corporate design were created by the Vienna-based design agency bleed.

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